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Zara Prowse: Nutrition and my journey through Teaching

Do you find yourself grabbing whatever food you can when you’re feeling hungry, tired and short of time? Do you eat at your desk? Are your food choices mostly high in calories and low in nutrients? Do you have mood swings and little energy? That was me, right before I hit a brick wall and became very poorly. Here is my story and how I have turned that negative time in my career and life, into a positive mindset and a great future.

Haseena Farid: The measurement tail has been wagging the outcomes dog

Covid-19 has woken the world up and forced us to take stock of both what is failing in society and what is essential to our lives. There is not one part of our lives that this pandemic hasn’t touched, making us feel very uncertain about what kind of future we are heading towards. Often seen in times of great uncertainty is an opportunity for change. Since the lockdown I’ve been hearing far more conversations discussing how we want to live and what we want from a ‘new normal’, reappraising what we value most in society. Judging by how we have been living until now, I’m left wondering how we could have got it so wrong.

Scott McLellan: Emotional Intelligence is a key part of wellbeing

As the calendar turns onto the 1st of September Head Teachers across the country take to the floor to share the years ‘targets’.  For many in the audience this is a time of worry and anxiety as they hear numbers that are not achievable, they hear that nothing is really changing, yet they are expected …

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Anonymous Teacher: Teachers make all other professions possible

There’s a quote on my fridge which says ‘Teachers make all other professions possible’ which never ceases to resonate for me in my daily work. A few years ago, whilst working in one of the most deprived areas in Europe (according to the EU deprivation index) I stumbled into what I can only describe as a professional nightmare; a real glimpse into the hell that can be wrought by frightened and over-promoted ‘managers’ (when did this happen!), narcissistic and unfettered senior leaders and a despotic, micro managing head.