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On today’s blog post, I need you to think a little bit outside the box. You’re probably at home, you might be bored, and you’re probably riding the coronavirus roller-coaster of emotions as we all are, but something you want to be working on is learning how to cultivate your own ecosystem of positive emotions.

Now, let me be clear here – I’m not saying that we should strive for positivity all of the time. Life is not about being positive all the time. Life is hard. Life has negatives. It has ups and downs. It’s about suffering and it’s about the lessons you learn through that process. But something I would encourage you to think about is are you actively cultivating your own ecosystem of positive emotions that you can draw on at any point?

Okay, so how do you do this? Well, there’s lots of things. It can come down to you choosing the kind of environment that you create for yourself at home. It’s being selective with the kinds of thoughts you entertain and the kinds of beliefs you choose to take on about the world, yourself and others around you. It’s also learning how to self-amuse; and if this is something you haven’t heard of before, it’s just what it sounds like – learning how to amuse yourself. This is a great skill because it means that you learn to not become dependent on external stimuli to have fun. Instead, you’re creating the fun rather than waiting for the fun to come to you. Let me ask you – if you were in a room by yourself, would you be able to have fun? If you didn’t have any music, there were no books, no one to talk to, zero distractions, would you be able to just entertain yourself?

How you would go about doing this would be completely up to you, and to be honest, it’s a very strange exercise to do. Try and do it for 10 mins. It’s not easy. To begin with it’s definitely hard, but when you practice it overtime you can learn to just slip into it easily. Once you’ve learned how to do it, you’re now in control of your own state. You can give yourself good emotions whenever you feel like. You can control your mind and body so that you can release neurotransmitters like adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine on command so that you feel great. And when you’re in control of that process and not having to rely on external stimulus, you’re no longer being put at the effect of your environment and instead, you are at the cause of how you feel.

This is a really good ability to have, but it just takes doing the outside of the box exercise of trying to amuse yourself for 10 mins on a consistent basis until you can do it, and I get it – that can seem a bit odd. But it is one of those where if you don’t develop that ability, you’re not going to notice any difference, but if you do, you’re going to see a whole load of benefits as it means no matter what situation you find yourself in, you know how to give yourself good emotions.

Let me reiterate again – the goal is not to always be feeling positive emotions. You are going to encounter set-backs and failures which must be processed in a way that seems fitting. But once you’ve got this ability down, you can forget about it, as you know in the back of your mind that whenever you like, you’ve got a tool to improve your own state and how you feel. It’s outside the box, I know, but I challenge you to give it a try. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Tobias Fox

Tobias Fox

5th Year Medical Student and Co Founder of Lyfe

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